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Pre-stressed Mono-Block and Twin-Block sleepers.

BFS railway sleeper production systems are based on the carousel mould principle. The multiple moulds are transferred from one production station to the next in a fully or semi-automated cycle.

BFS CASAGRANDE supplies complete manufacturing systems. Multiple moulds, casting systems, climate chambers for controlled curing, demoulding and assembly systems, etc.

Pre-stressed concrete sleepers are manufactured at BFS with the wet cast method. The tension wires are tensioned in the moulds prior to pooring concrete. After a pre defined curing time, the wires can be released in the moulds and the tensioning forces transfer to the concrete sleepers. The pre-stressed sleepers can now be demoulded.

Twin-block sleepers can be manufactured either by wet or dry cast method. Twin-block sleepers are generally not pre-stressed, but are made with steel reinforcement and essentially consist of two concrete blocks connected by a tension steel bar.

BFS has the ideal manufacturing method to meet every customer's requirement.